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Deraps is a new "Classic Rock" style young band (all in their twenties) composed of Jacob Deraps on lead guitar and lead vocals, and Josh Gallagher on drums and background vocals. Jacob was born in a small city named St-Georges, up in Québec, Canada. Josh was born in Australia and met Jacob online through their Van Halen covers on YouTube. Jacob won the Dweezil and Frank Zappa Fellowship Award in 2016 and got to play with him on stage many times, he was also featured in the official Van Halen News Desk several times for his accurate Van Halen covers and ability to capture Eddie Van Halen's sound and feel. In the summer of 2017, Josh flew to Québec from Perth, Australia, to do a small bars and festivals tour with Jacob, and that's when the band was formed. The first time Jacob and Josh ever played together was with legendary band Toto at their soundcheck, right after picking Josh up from the airport to go see Toto's concert in Montreal. In 2020, Deraps signed a worldwide record deal with German label Metalville Records and went on to release their debut album on June 17, 2022. This self-titled explosive hard rock debut album from the Canadian-Australian power trio brings together 11 songs full of energetic rock 'n' roll riffs, polished guitar solos and perfectly tuned harmony vocals. Deraps capture the sound and essence of rock 'n' roll in their music. The band's sound leads directly back to California's Sunset Strip of the late 70's, when a new generation of bands rocked the global scene, led by Van Halen, who heavily influenced the members of Deraps. Already in 2020, the band's first independent single "Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll" was voted song of the week in Classic Rock Magazine (UK), and 2 years later the song ‘’Veins of My Heart’’ was part of the same magazine's feature "the eight best songs of right now". Their debut album received rave reviews worldwide, including Japan, the U.K, Germany, France, Holland, Canada and the U.S.A., and was even picked up for sale by Van Halen’s Official Store.





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