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From Robert M. Knight 2018

Photographer for the first Led Zeppelin world tour, also shot Jimi Hendrix, Eddie Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Slash, and many more...

''The first time I saw a video of Jacob Deraps my jaw dropped! He is one of the most natural players I have seen in a long time. He makes some of the most complex solos look effortless! I see Jacob as being one of the best young players out there that will for sure be around for a very long time.''

Missoulian Newspaper Cover.jpg
Missoulian Newspaper Cover.jpg

From Steve Lukather 2018

Guitarist for Toto and Ringo Starr, played on Michael Jackson's Thriller, and many others...

''These guys came to our soundcheck last year and we have them get up and play with us and they kicked ass. Great bunch of guys as well. Make sure to come check them out!''

Missoulian Newspaper Cover_edited.jpg



In 2016, Jacob was nominated by Dweezil Zappa, to win the prestigious Dweezil and Frank Zappa Fellowship Award of the year. Jacob and Dweezil remained friends since then and performed many times together.



''Their 11-song, self-titled debut album is released worldwide today! And as you might expect, it's got a vibe and sound that channels early Van Halen and fits right into your '70s and'80s good-time rock n roll playlists...We at Van Halen News Desk are happy to spread the word about their new album, and is even selling their album for a limited time! ... we're happy to support them upon the release of this great album.''


''Are Deraps to Van Halen what Greta Van Fleet are to Led Zep? Quite Possibly. With such spot-on delivery, killer riffs and moreish choruses it's ferociously good fun. But Deraps isn't just a VH fest. The blues rock of Stevie Ray Vaughan can be heard in Live Fast, Die Slow, while funky bass lines, pop gloss and Metallica-come-GN'R beef pepper the rest of the record.''


''This is the debut release from a young three-piece band based in Quebec, Canada... their musicality reminds us of Van Halen...simple sound but vital and pleasing.... One listen and you will be tempted to see them on stage. 88/100.''



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